Svetlana Sakirsky, NP in Family Health, PC
"Together on a journey to optimal health and beauty!"

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Svetlana Sakirsky is a graduate of a Nurse Practitioner Program from CW Post, LIU. Svetlana Sakirsky (her patients call her Lana) practiced as a Registered Nurse for many years prior to becoming a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Family Health. Upon graduation from the CW Post,LIU Lana started her first job in vascular surgery field at Maimonides Hospital, NY. Lana received unparalleled mentoring in vascular disease management from one of the renowned vascular surgeons in the field. At the same time she also became Wound Care Certified and successfully managed patientsʼ wound care, diabetes care and education, and continued on by working as a Director of Wound Care Program in one of the long-term care facilities in Brooklyn.


Working with diverse population, and in different medical settings, brought Lana to one of the major decisions in her lifetime. She did observe many patients not getting any better despite multi-medical management and surgeries. There were some pieces of the puzzle that were missing. This brought Lana Sakirsky to the area of Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. She attended multiple conferences  and seminars on integrative approaches in medicine. She was lucky to work with well known Integrative Medicine doctors, and gained a good portion of knowledge from them. The improvement of patientsʼ outcome was the answer to her question: “ Am I on the right pathway?”.

Lana decided to dedicate her life to combining conservative and integrative medicine in order to optimize her patients health. Lana Sakirsky who is also Certified Diabetes Educator, specializes in Diabetes Prevention and Management, BHRT(Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Weight Loss and Individualized, Custom-Tailored Nutrition with the goal of healthy lifestyle modification. Lana is a strong believer that optimal health makes person`s inner beauty glow. For the outer beauty - there are medical aesthetics that she continues to enjoy practicing in one of the luxurious Medspas in the City of New York. Lana has years of experience in injecting Botox, Dermal fillers, Mesotherapy and Sclerotherapy, and successfully treated thousands of patients with the great satisfaction. Lana Sakirsky is well-known in Manhattan community as a safe and artistic injector. A proud mother of two incredible College students, she is living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and meditating daily.

Lana continues attending the latest national conferences in Integrative Medicine. She is an active member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Institute of Functional Medicine. Lana Sakirsky welcomes you to her practice where she can help you in achieving your optimal health and beauty.


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