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Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a common problem for million Americans. General Weight Loss programs

include diet and exercise. And it does work. The problem is not many people can stick

to the designated program, especially when they lose weight painfully slowly.

This can get very discouraging, and some people just give up. Even more discouraging

is to lose weight and to gain it all back.

Our Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine office introduces the breakthrough in

weight loss - HCG Diet. This is a program that allows you to lose weight effectively and safely.

HCG Diet -is not just a weight loss program. Patients who completed the program may experience

great health benefits of it: Lowered Cholesterol, Lowered Blood Pressure and Lowered Blood Sugar.

We use a combination of Prescription HCG and neutraceuticals to help our patients not only

lose weight but also to optimize their health. This professionally supervised medical program

already helped many patients around the world to loose weight and keep it off.

If you have any questions about the program, please call us at 516-522-1890.


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