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The Initial Consultation

Your first appointment here will consist of an initial consultation.
The purpose of this visit is:

  • For you and the NP to meet one another, and establish a strong working relationship.
  • To discuss your medical history, medical records, and any other information as it relates to your health.
  • For the NP to go over with you your options and set in place an individualized plan of action.

This is also a good time for you to address with the Integrative Practitioner your concerns and expectations.

Physical Examination

In our office, we do a very thorough, comprehensive neurological, nutritional, functional and physical health assessment. It is important that you have this done on an annual or bi-annual basis. This may seem unnecessary, but your body is constantly in a dynamic process of change as it responds over time to many lifestyle and environmental factors. It is important to address any changes that may be related to a health concern or that indicate your  health is less than what it could be. Prevention is the key to optimal health, and our annual physical examination plays a vital role in your quest for health.

Follow-Up Office Visit

Whenever you make a visit to our office for other than an initial appointment, you have a follow-up office visit. When you have lab work done as prescribed by Mrs. Sakirsky, NP, you should schedule a follow-up appointment for  the NP to review the results with you. Proper nutrition is necessary for optimal health and therefore is a central focus in the prevention and treatment of illness, and part of each patient’s individualized health plan. At your follow-up office visit, Mrs. Sakirsky will give you a detailed dietary and supplement recommendation based on your individualized needs as determined from your lab work, interview and specific health concerns. Nutrition can affect all levels of health and your nutritional recommendations are an integral part of your individualized health plan. Also, if your health condition changes, the NP recommends that you return, or if you have not been to our office for some time, you should have a follow-up appointment. If you have prescriptions written by Mrs. Sakirsky, you must have an Office Visit, and sometimes lab work, at least once per year. Prescriptions will not be filled if Mrs. Sakirsky has not seen you in over a year.

Financial Policy

We would like to take a moment to outline our financial policy to insure that there are no misunderstandings so that we can both concentrate our full efforts towards you achieving optimal health. Payment must be made in full when services are rendered. WE ARE NOT A MEDICARE PROVIDER. Each visit subsequent to your initial consult, we will explain in advance all the fees for the services you will be scheduled for. The methods of payments which we accept include:

  1. Cash or Check
  2. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

We are not a primary care center, nor are we equipped to handle emergencies; please forward all emergency calls to your primary care center, family doctor or call 911. If your situation is serious or life threatening, you must go to your nearest emergency room at once.

General Price List

  • Initial visit (60-90 minutes long) ------ $ 450
  • Follow UP visit (30-45 min) ------ $ 175
  • Labs-----depend on particular lab ordered. Some of the blood work is covered by your insurance. No saliva test is covered by insurance. You will pay directly to the lab.
  • Lab assessment fee - $150
  • Weight Loss (applies to HCG program patients): HCG 8 weeks program - which includes HCG SL, supplements, consultations, and written material --$1050. * Initial Visit fee are included in the cost of the program.
  • Bio-identical hormones- after the initial consultation and upon receiving lab work results, NP may prescribe the BHRT for you (with mutual agreement and after explanation of risks and benefits). Some health insurance are covering BHRT, most-not. The cost of BHRT will be provided to you by the compounding pharmacy you choose to use.

Individually customized vitamins- price vary. Please, discuss with us upon review of your individual laboratory results.

Medical Aesthetics

  • Botox- $12/ per unit
  • Juvederm--$ 550 per syringe, second syringe -$499.
  • Sclerotherapy - $ 799 for 3 sessions.

*Ask us for our specials!

Diabetes Education/Prevention Program

We welcome to this program all diabetics type 2 (Non-Insulin Dependent) to improve their quality of life, decrease cardiovascular risk factors, avoid    diabetes –related hospitalizations and more by learning everything about the Diabetes. We also encourage “pre-diabetic” patients to join this program in order to prevent this complicated disease and be able to fully enjoy life.

The program:
Initial assessment labs.
Follow up visit- labs discussion and plan of care, nutritional re-evaluation. (Every week for the first month, every 2 weeks –second month, and once a month for 4 months).


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